Compassionate, immediate care for employees.

Timely reporting and analytics for employers.

That’s the MedCall advantage.


MedCall Advisors provides a comprehensive enterprise claims management platform to help your business stay on track.

With our solution, Injured workers are directed to contact MedCall directly, 24/7/365. Each caller is greeted by a compassionate medical assistant who will immediately connect the worker to a physician board certified in Emergency Medicine. All calls are recorded and archived to assure a truthful and accurate account is memorialized, which helps reduce the potential for fraud and litigation.

Each MedCall physician assesses the injury or illness and assumes responsibility for making the appropriate medical decision. Our physicians may advise, prescribe or refer. Once the encounter is complete, the medical assistant notifies the employer of the event and work restrictions, if any.

As soon as the physician signs the chart, a comprehensive first report of injury is sent to the carrier or TPA as directed. The same-day report contains actionable and reliable intelligence enabling the stakeholders to initiate appropriate cost containment protocols.

At MedCall, we provide treatment to injured workers, not triage. This leads to better outcomes, employee satisfaction, time-saving solutions, and both direct and indirect cost savings. Today’s employers are seeing healthcare costs go up and up, with no end in sight. MedCall is the answer, offering guaranteed lower medical costs.

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